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Invite team members to build together.
When you're working on a project, collaboration is the key. To facilitate team collaboration, All That Node offers a feature that allows you to invite team members to your project. By inviting users to a project, they can gain access to your project on their own dashboard and can utilize its functionalities. "Please refer to the "User Role Table" in the "How to set a user role" section for information on user roles."

Now, let's explore how to invite team members.
"Developer Plan" or higher subscription tiers support inviting team members.

Max Team Size by Plan

Dedicated Nodes
Team Size (including owner)

How to Invite Team Members

Currently only Gmail addresses are supported(including Google organization account).
  1. 1.
    Go to the "My Team" tab on your dashboard.
    Project Detail - Endpoints
  2. 2.
    Enter the email addresses you wish to invite. You can enter multiple email addresses and they must be separated by comma, tab, space, or enter.
    Project Detail - My Team
  3. 3.
    Click on the "Invite" button. The invitation mails will be sent.
    Project Detail - My Team | Invite your teammates!
The invitation link will expire after 7 days. After the 7-day period, clicking on the link will display an "Invitation Expired" page. And the pending member will be deleted in the list.
  1. 4.
    You can now find the member you sent the invitation to on the member list, where their invitation status is marked as "pending." You have the option to resend or cancel the invitation for this pending member.
    Project Detail - My Team | You nailed it!

Resend Invitation

If a team member did not receive the invitation email, you can resend the invitation email to them. However, if your sends invitation emails repeatedly within a short period, the invitation email sending will be restricted.
Project Detail - My Team | Resend Invitation

Cancel Invitation

You can cancel a previously sent invitation email. When the invitation is canceled, the invitation link immediately expires and clicking on the expired link will lead to a "Invitation Expired" page.
Project Detail - My Team | Cancel Invitation

How to Set a Role

  1. 1.
    Click on the user's "Role" in the member list.
    Project Detail - My Team | Set a Role (1/3)
  2. 2.
    Then, click on the role dropdown menu and select the desired role from the available options.
    Project Detail - My Team | Set a Role (2/3)
  3. 3.
    Type "I understood" on the confirmation popup and click the "Change" buttons to save the change.
    Project Detail - My Team | Set a Role (3/3)
🚧 Transferring Ownership
Once the ownership transfer has completed, the new owner will have a full access and control over the project, while your role will be changed to "Admin". And it cannot be undone. It's essential to ensure you trust the recipient before transferring ownership, as it grants them full control over the project, including the ability to modify settings, invite or remove team members, and make other administrative changes like canceling the subscription or deleting the project.

User Role Table

*All view(read) functions are available for everyone.
Change API Key
Edit project name/description
Delete project
Add protocols
Delete a protocol
Change payment method
Cancel subscription
Change subscription plan
Set Auto-scaling
Add reserves
Pay invoices
Add allowlist/blocklist
Add JWT Public key
Change team name
Invite a member
Kick a member
Change member role
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How To Remove a Member From Your Team

It's important to note that removing a member from your team should be done with caution, as it permanently revokes their access to the project. Make sure to communicate any necessary information or arrangements before removing a member from the team.
  1. 1.
    Click on the "Remove" button for a member in the team member list.
    Project Detail - My Team | Remove a Member (1/2)
  2. 2.
    Type "I understood" on the confirmation popup and click the "Remove" button to remove the member.
    You can choose if you would like to change the API key as well.
🚧 Warning
Removed members can still access endpoints. We recommend that you change your project's API key to prevent misuse.
Project Detail - My Team | Remove a Member (2/2)
  1. 3.
    Once you click the "Remove" button. The member will be removed from your team and will no longer have access to the project or its resources. Plus, the API Key will be changed if you chose the option, so you might have to modify your service's code.

How to Accept Invitation

Once the invitations are sent, the invited team members will receive email notifications with instructions on how to join the project. They can then sign in to their All That Node accounts and access the project from their dashboards.
1. Check the mail box of the account you received the invitation email.
Your Mailbox 📩
2. Click "Accept Invitation" button on the mail.
Check your invitation!

3. You will be redirected to All That Node invitation page.

[3-1] In case you are not already signed in, please sign in with the email address you were invited with.
Continue to sign in
[3-2] Or if you already signed in, click the "Accept Invitation" button.
Accept Invitation
[3-3] If you are already signed in a account that is not that has not been invited, you have to sign in again with the correct account.
When you are signed in with different account on All That Node
If you repeat to sign in with an account that has not been invited, you will encounter the "Access Denied" page. Please sign in with the account that you received the invitation email.

4. Now, you will be directed to your dashboard page, where you will see the invited project added. Depending on your role, you will have permissions for the project.

Your Dashboard | Yes! Now you can access to the Team Project!

How To Leave Your Team

If you wish to leave the team yourself, simply click the "Leave" button next to your name in the member list.
Project Detail - My Team | Leave the team
You cannot leave your team if you are the owner of the project. Please transfer the owner role to other member if you want to leave the team.